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Kyvenz Amédée 
Spiritual Life and Leadership Coach

If you're wondering how to finally find your purpose and overcome limiting beliefs and other obstacles that prevent you from answering your call and from reaching your highest level of spiritual maturity and leadership, the time may have come for you to talk to a coach!


Coaching is based on a collaborative, non-hierarchical relationship between a guide (the coach) and an individual (the coachee), who together begin a process that aims to bring about a lasting change in mindset and behavior in order to achieve agreed objectives, and at the same time, greater maturity, impact and satisfaction on a personal, professional or spiritual level.


The coachees can be leaders (executive, politician, pastor, athlete, business owner, etc.) who want to further develop their leadership and transition to the next phase of their journey, or people who simply want more clarity concerning their mission and an action plan so they can live up to their aspirations. 


Although the boundaries between this practice and other forms of accompaniment can sometimes be blurred, there are distinctions to be made. Here is what a coach is NOT:


The coach's approach (and strength) relies mainly on active listening and the art of asking questions that trigger the openness of mind, introspection and creativity needed by the coachees to see their situation with fresh eyes and explore the solutions that will help them reach their goals. ​A coach is undoubtedly an essential ally for any leader and leader in the making who is determined to go further!

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